Topic: Server Features


Starting Level: 80
Safe Enchant: +6

Max Enchant: +25 Scroll Enchant Rate: 75% Scroll Enchant Rate: 85% Scroll Enchanting Rates:

+22 Minimum Enchant Rate:50%
+23 Minimum Enchant Rate:40%
+24 Minimum Enchant Rate:30%
+25 Minimum Enchant Rate:20%

- You may enchant your weapon only up to +21 using Normal Scrolls or Blessed Scrolls.

- If the enchant fails during Crystal Scroll enchanting, the item remains in its former number of enchantment.

- Crystal Scrolls are the only items that can be acquired only by Raiding Bosses.


- Feeding protection.

- Only retail S Grade equipment is allowed during the matches.

- The Heroes change every five [5] days. Sieges:

- Giran Castle Siege - Every Saturday at 21:00 [GMT +1]

- Aden Castle Siege - Every Friday at 18:00 [GMT +1]

- An extra prize is provided to every Castle Lord.

- Free S Grade equipment upon joining the server.

- Free Third Class transfer: No quest required.

- Free A-S Grade equipment.

- Custom Farming Zones.

- Custom Raid Bosses.

- Every kind of hack is strictly prohibited.

- Equally balanced Archer and Mage classes.

CUSTOM INNOVATIONS Auto-Potion bar above the skills bar(s). GM Shop button above the skill bar(s). Dressing Panel to choose your own appearance. Mini Map at the upper corner of the screen. to deliberately hide both the Mini Map and the GM Shop buttons. Voting Panel accessible upon clicking on the Voting Skill. Vote Shop accessible upon clicking on the Voting Skill. Voting system with Voting Skill and valuable reward. and carefully balanced Level 2 Blade Dancer self-buffs. and carefully balanced Level 2 Sword Singer self-buffs. custom TvT, CTF and DM Events with your Victim Skullls as a prize.


Weapons: mid-grade Forever Weapons. top-grade PvP4Fun Weapons.

Armors: mid-grade Apella Armor. top-grade Dynasty Armor.

Other Items: Top-Grade PvP Jewelry providing unique in accordance to the needs of each class. Masks / Circlets providing unique status - available either with Victim Skulls or Vote Coins. mid-grade Tattoos - available with the Vote Coins acquired during the first vote. Superior Fighter / Mage Tattoo.