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    Server Features

    March 29, 2019 , by =GM=Fun


    Starting Level: 80
    Safe Enchant: +6

    Max Enchant: +25

    https://i.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/scroll11.pngNormal Scroll Enchant Rate: 75%
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/blesse10.pngBlessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 85%
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/crysta10.pngCrystal Scroll Enchanting Rates:

    +22 Minimum Enchant Rate:50%
    +23 Minimum Enchant Rate:40%
    +24 Minimum Enchant Rate:30%
    +25 Minimum Enchant Rate:20%

    - You may enchant your weapon only up to +21 using Normal Scrolls or Blessed Scrolls.

    -If the enchant fails during Crystal Scroll enchanting, the item remains in its former number of enchantment.

    -Crystal Scrolls are the only items that can be acquired only by Raiding Bosses.


    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/hero10.pngOlympiad Games:

    - Feeding protection.

    - Only retail S Grade equipment is allowed during the matches.

    - The Heroes change every five [5] days.

    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/crown10.pngCastle Sieges:

    - Giran Castle Siege - Every Saturday at 21:00 [GMT +1]

    - Aden Castle Siege - Every Friday at 18:00 [GMT +1]

    - An extra prize is provided to every Castle Lord.

    - Free S Grade equipment upon joining the server.

    - Free Third Class transfer:No quest required.

    - Free A-S Grade equipment.

    - Custom Farming Zones.

    - Custom Raid Bosses.

    - Every kind of hack is strictly prohibited.

    - Equally balanced Archer and Mage classes.


    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0021.jpgCustom Auto-Potion bar above the skills bar(s).
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0022.jpgCustom GM Shop button above the skill bar(s).
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/dressm10.jpgUnique Dressing Panel to choose your own appearance.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/minima10.jpgCustom Mini Map at the upper corner of the screen.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0024.jpgOptions to deliberately hide both the Mini Map and the GM Shop buttons.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/vote10.pngCustom Voting Panel accessible upon clicking on the Voting Skill.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/votesh10.pngCustom Vote Shop accessible upon clicking on the Voting Skill.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0025.jpgCustom Voting system with Voting Skill and valuable reward.
    https://i.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0026.jpgCustom and carefully balanced Level 2 Blade Dancer self-buffs.
    https://i.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0027.jpgCustom and carefully balanced Level 2Sword Singer self-buffs.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/shot0020.jpgFrequent custom TvT, CTF and DM Events with your Victim Skullls as a prize.


    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/foreve10.pngCustom mid-grade Forever Weapons.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/gold10.pngCustom top-grade PvP4Fun Weapons.


    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/apella10.pngCustom mid-grade Apella Armor.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/dynast10.pngCustom top-grade Dynasty Armor.

    Other Items:

    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/jewelr10.pngCustom Top-Grade PvP Jewelry providing unique in accordance to the needs of each class.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/event10.pngCustom Masks / Circlets providing unique status - available either with Victim Skulls or Vote Coins.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/might10.pngCustom mid-grade Tattoos - available with the Vote Coins acquired during the first vote.
    https://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/11/42/78/10/fighte10.pngCustom Superior Fighter / Mage Tattoo.

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